Notpla wins Earthshot Prize with board supplied by Coveris

Notpla wins Earthshot Prize with board supplied by Coveris

Notpla has recently won a £1m Earthshot Prize environmental award for its biodegradable packaging, having worked extensively with Coveris.

Founded in 2020 by His Royal Highness, Prince William, and the Royal Foundation, the Earthshot Prize awards companies making key strides on sustainability leading into 2030.

Recognised for their inspiring efforts to create a fully sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic made from seaweed and plants, Notpla were awarded as the winner in the category ‘Build a Waste-Free World’.

As the exclusive development and print partner for Notpla’s coated board packaging, Coveris has worked extensively with Notpla to manufacture a variety of fully printed board packs using its barrier coating technology.

Made from seaweed and plant extracts, Notpla Coating is applied to sustainably sourced cardboard, creating a food-safe barrier function and naturally biodegrades in four to six weeks. Notpla’s specially coated board packs offer the food-to-go and takeaway sector a new unique range of protective, recyclable and biodegradable solutions in an effort to tackle sustainability concerns.

Pierre Paslier, chief executive, said: “Fourteen million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year. We founded Notpla when we discovered the solution lies in our oceans too. We are already replacing plastic that plagues our seas and working with seaweed farms that give back to the environment and the local economy.”

Nigel Hewitt, Coveris’ BU paper sales director, added: “We’re hugely proud to work with Notpla to support their packaging. It’s very inspiring to work with such an innovative company and is fantastic that their hard work has been recognised with this monumental achievement.”



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